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One of the Tribe

One of the Tribe is based in Ecuador and works with indigenous communities and grassroots organizations in the Ecuadorian Amazon region to build local capacity, protect indigenous land and preserve tribal culture and traditions.

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest on earth and home to the world's most diverse collection of plants and animals. One of the Tribe's indigenous partners are not only custodians of this species-rich region, but along with hundreds of other South American tribes, depend on the rainforest for their survival.

Host to both the Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world and its new 2008 constitution is the first to recognize legally enforceable Rights of Nature. However, decades of oil extraction, spills and billions of gallons of untreated waste continue to contaminate Amazon ecosystems, threatening the health of the rainforest and the people who live there.

One of the Tribe works with indigenous communities to help them tell their story and to launch tribe-driven initiatives that support their own visions for the future.

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