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Andes and Amazon trip August 2012

What an incredible 10 day adventure we had! A great group! Our youngest member 8 year old Madison from NYC, was just a natural in the jungle, she had the time of her life, fishing in Amazon lakes, walking swiftly like a baby jaguar though the jungle. We danced with the Kichua in the high Andes, helped gather and prepare delicious home grown feasts, took part in shamanic ceremonies.

I loved receiving Madisons letter a few weeks after we got home -

"Our Ecuador trip with Zoe was really fun.  Each place was really different than the last place and it was really interesting how it changed. You got to know the people when you stayed with them – you were really with the people. You got to see some of their tribal culture and how they live.  Like in the Andes with the Kichua people there was a lot of corn which was the basis of their food. They also had a lot of other food and I even got to feed the animals which was really fun unless you don't like to get up early.  In the rainforest you got to know the Achuar people. Ypu got to canoe and go on lots of different walks which were really beautiful and exciting and you slept in raised open air platforms. We got to have a dream analyzed and got to fly on a small plane. You got to take a ride that was partially in Peru on a motorized canoe and go to an Eco lodge deep in the rainforest.  It was a really beautiful view and I really liked it.

I think Zoe is an amazing tour guide because she tells you about the people and she knows them really well. It left me wanting to do it again."