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Magical Amazon and Andes Adventure March 2013

Wow! What a great group! We had wonderful adventure. Everyone was so open to experiencing all that the trip offered despite our path being altered by a bridge being washed away! Most memorable moments – horse riding into the high Andes together, some on horse back, some in a carriage where we saw one of only 50 wild Andean Condors (check out how close it came in the photo gallery). We shared a beautiful feast with the Kichua for the Equinox and we all helped shuck the corn and thresh the quinoa. Sharing time with the Achuar in the jungle, from the dawn tea/ dream ceremony to our cultural exchange – where we each sang and danced for the other – I think our rendition of ' I wanna hold your hand' will go down in Achuar history! So many great talks canoeing, in the bus, whilst walking in the mountains and forests, or soaking in the hot tubs!


Jack, England wrote a beautiful testimonial -

"I'm home, after quite an extraordinary adventure in Ecuador. Blown away by the breath taking Andes, purified and amazed by Shaman, marvelled at the mighty Condor, welcomed and humbled by the incredible indigenous Achuar people, mesmerised by the richness, wonderful wildlife and fragility of the jungle.

My enormous thanks and gratitude for the brilliant organising and guidance to the ever effervescent Cristina Serrano and my dear old friend Zoë Tryon. You're Legends!!

Thank you Jack!